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Marius is an experienced speaker, trainer, consultant and coach for facilitating Cultural Change. See his CV and his team of VU University certified OBM Trainer/Coaches. He also works with other specialists, see his LinkedIn network, in order to help you custom-made.

An ideal change program starts with a strategic phase of scenario planning for defining what robust future behavior to reinforce. Then with the help of OBM we will help you realize your strategy by changing the behaviors in the direction of the desired business results, together with everyone involved, shaping the desired culture. Before and during Mergers and Acquisitions we offer financial advise for optimal value creation for individual investors and bi/multi-cultural management for executive boards. Our behavioral approach (in contrast with the traditional cognitive approach) of investing and cultural management is based on the work of value investors, like Warren Buffett and the science of Behavior Analysis founded by B.F. Skinner.


Concept program Scenario Planning Project with following elements:

1. SWOT analysis

2. Defining the current business model

3. Defining the key uncertainties about the future

4. Defining scenario dimensions based on 2 key uncertainties

5. Developing 4 scenario stories

6. Windtunnel current business model in these scenarios

7. Conclusions and recommendations for a new robust business model


Concept program awareness session for accelerating performance improvement (alligned to your specific needs):

1. Short stock-taking issues participants/public with regard to performance management and behavioral change

2. How can you make a parakeet fly? The basic laws of behavioral change.

3. ABC-model of behavior analysis and three pitfalls of behavioral change

4. How we shift from realizing 1%  of human potential to 100%

5. Applying ABC-analysis to own issue (small group exercize)

6. Explanation and demonstration Performance management protocol for cultural change

Investment Guidelines Cultural Change Programs

Coaching session: 250 euro

Interactive workshop: 2500 euro

University Certified Incompany Training Program: 2500 euro pp

Encompassing Cultural Change Programs: 25.000 - 12.500.000 euro


Benefits for hiring dr. Rietdijk and his team

  1. The company learns the technology of positive behavioral change fast and efficiently. Nothing is as practical as the best theory

  2. The company learns an effective change language, based on replicable scientific experiments

  3. So that it will improve its performance to unknown levels. See for the measurable results the extensive research of Behavior Analysis and OBM, including the books and papers of dr. Rietdijk as referred to on this website

  4. Decreases anxiety, anger and sadness, increases fun and happiness

  5. Gives your organization cutting edge competitive advantage

  6. Based on Behavior Analysis, the science initiated by Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner, the new revolution in social science

  7. Both in the US and the Netherlands successfully applied

  8. Saves and produces massive time and money; Next step after or combined with Lean, Agile or other change initiative

  9. Leads to strong team builing; result improvement in safety, quantity and quality of performance, services, 1:4 - 1:60 return on investment

  10. Participants apply the principles also with their partner, children, pets, friends and so make the world a great place to be in and worth to live

In order to help you as good as possible, contact us for planning the intake.  The sooner you start, the sooner you benefit. Contact now. Looking forward to see you.


Dr. Marius Rietdijk

Zonnestein 81-83

1181 LT  Amstelveen 


Phone: +31 624217648

Handelsnaam: Rietdijk Gedragsverandering

KVK-number: 06082569

BTW-number: NL18631643B02

Bank account nr. NL11ABNA0549133852