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Dear executive,

IT updates every day. Management methods change fast also. One century ago Frederick Taylor introduced Scientific management with time and motion studies. This influence is still felt when we see Human Relations, Human Resource Management, Lean, Agile and IT applications that make management more efficient every day. These updates are Scientific management 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.

The problem with Scientific management 1.0 and its updates was an insufficient understanding of human behavior. Science now knows how this is conditioned by environmental stimuli. We need Scientific Management 2.0 for ultrafast organizational learning. The fastest way to learn is by understanding the laws of conditioning and apply these laws in changing our company with hypnosis (classical conditioning) and Organizational Behavior Management, OBM (operant conditioning, schedules of reinforcement). The most challenging and thrilling part is changing ourselves. Are you open for change? Are you ready?


On this site you'll find the basic knowledge about this fascinating science of human behavior and opportunities to make this knowledge your own. Make yourself and the people around you successful and happy. When you are convinced that we can help you, make a personal appointment for arranging a change program.

Dr. Marius Rietdijk, global leader in cultural change, is a leading speaker, trainer, consultant and coach for realizing a measurable high performance culture. With his team of 20 specialists he therefore helps you bringing out the highest performance and happiness you can imagine, with Scientific management 2.0.

A complete change program starts with aligning your business model with the external environment. You define what business model your company needs in order to survive the future. As we give value investment advise to executive boards and individual investors, you will also learn optimal acquisition strategiespel. With the help of our Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) protocol you realize your business model by shaping current performances into desired ones as well. 

This most effective and efficient behavioral approach is based on the work of value investors, like Warren Buffett and the science of Behavior Analysis started by Ivan Pavlov and boosted by B.F. Skinner. The program, designed, tested and refined during the last 35 years, as the best available cultural change program in the market, is based on Marius' ground braking PhD study and his respected teachers. As you want to be successful, contact Marius as your teacher, following the thousands unique students before you, inside and outside universities, and master the following serious protocols under his trustworthy supervision in a relaxed and playful way!


Strategic management protocol

1. SWOT analysis

2. Defining the current business model

3. Defining the key uncertainties about the future

4. Defining scenario dimensions based on 2 key uncertainties

5. Developing 4 scenario stories

6. Windtunnel current business model in these scenarios

7. Conclusions and recommendations for a new robust business model


Introductory cultural change awareness session

1. Short stock-taking issues participants/public with regard to performance management and behavioral change

2. How can you make a parakeet fly? The basic laws of behavioral change.

3. ABC-model of behavior analysis

4. How we shift from realizing 1%  of human potential to 100% overcoming the three pitfalls of change

5. Applying ABC-analysis to central issue and own issue (small group exercize)

6. Explanation and demonstration of Performance management protocol for cultural change

7. Planning for implementation


Cultural change realization protocol, operant conditioning

1. Define the desired results + behaviors (performance)

2. Baseline measurement of current performance level

3. Functional (ABC-) analyses of undesired and desired performance

4. Graphic feedback of measures to the performer(s)

5. Goal setting, based on current performance level

6. Celebrating goal attainment with positive reinforcement

7. Performance improvement maintenance and generalization

Individual alignment with hypnosis, classical conditioning. Protocol:

1. Defining the challenge

2. Listing disadvantages of issue

3. Listing benefits of solving the issue

4. Hypnotic induction

5. Deepening the relaxation

6. Solving the issue

7. Deduction


Investment and financial returns

4:1 - 60:1 return on investment

Executive hypnotic coaching session (1-2 hours): 500, earn 2.000 - 30.000 euro

Interactive speeches, lectures, awareness session workshop: 2.500, earn 10.000 - 150.000 euro

Incompany OBM Training Program (at least 6 participant:s): 2.500 pp, earn 10.000 - 150.000 euro pp

Total Cultural Change Program: 25.000 - 25.000.000, earn 100.000 - 1.500.000.000 euro.

Value Investment Advise: 20% of profits. ROI 15% per year on average last 10 years, 404% in total.

All investments excluding 21% VAT.


Direct and long term benefits

1. Quantity and quality of production and services increase manyfold. Increased safety performance that leads to less accidents, less grief, less penalties, more production

2. Decreases failure, anxiety, anger and sadness, increases success, fun and happiness

3. Gives your organization cutting edge competitive advantage

4. Your company learns an effective global change language, based on 60.000 replicable scientific experiments

5. So that it will improve its performance to unknown levels. See for the measurable results the extensive research of Behavior Analysis and OBM, including the books and papers of dr. Rietdijk as referred to on this website

6. Based on Behavior Analysis, the science initiated by Ivan Pavlov, the last frontier in social science

7. Successfully applied all over the world

8. Saves and produces massive time and money; Next step after or combined with Lean, Agile or other change initiatives

9. Leads to strong team builing; result improvement in all imaginable sectors and departments

10.Apply the principles also with your partner, children, pets, friends and make the world a great place



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