As specialist and European pioneer in the field of positive behavioral change, based on the scientific laws, discovered in the laboratory by experimental behavior analists, Marius helps organizations improve performance on individual, group and organizational level. At individual coaching level he enables the executive transform unconscious processes into top performance and happiness with hypnosis as fastest procedure. With Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) he helps realize incredible performance improvements at department and organizational level.  For the abundant scientific rigor and practical relevance of OBM see his exhaustively overview of results, see his PhD thesis and invite him for his entertaining and relevant speech or workshop. Marius is trustee of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. The sooner you start with OBM, the sooner you will experience the results, top performance and happiness.


Joost Kerkhofs

Dennis Siliacus

Ingrid Duiker

Lex Tabak

Yvette Sanders

Ward Grootens

Judith van Altena

Floor Driessen

Dirk-Jan Swinkels

Robert den Broeder

Eric Vergeer

Erik Overdick

Our assumptions, science and technology of cultural change is described bij B.F. Skinner is his books Science and Human Behavior and Beyond freedom and dignity. At the ADRIBA post graduate institute at the VU university Amsterdam this appoach to culture is taught in our OBM Practitioner Course and the OBM Trainer/Coach course. The graduated Trainer/Coaches described here help organizational boards realizing strategic goals. Here you see who they, in what branches they are working and how we can help you achieving cultural change. This can be done during or after strategic session about the goals of the organization. Our methof for strategy determination is Scenario Planning, were we define the future desired behaviors that supports the desired business model. OBM is our method to realise the business model.

See hier the nice interview with ADRIBA partner Joost Kerkhofs about applying Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) for safety at the A50 highway. Construction is one of the many sectors were OBM is applied successfully.

Another branche is logistics, were trainer/coach Dennis Siliacus and OBM Practitioner Pieter Keeris work. Or at a Water Authority, like Trainer/Coach Ingrid Duiker. Lex Tabak is smart with OBM in healthcare, Ward Grootens enthused Carglass. There Yvette Sanders teaches OBM Practitioner internally and with the parent company in Londen.

Ward goes nuts with OBM in different industrial companies. Floor Driessen applies OBM in Amsterdam Academic Hospital , Robert den Broeder developed the OBM Foundation training ontwikkeld as first step to the OBM Practitioner course. He is specialist in applying OBM in IT sector and as supplement to Lean/SIx Sigma programs, where the behavioral component is still undervalued. He now goes through the OBM Expert course. This course is focussed on OBM Trainer/coaches who are ambitious to write about the field  in the form of a book, academic papers or even a PhD. Also Dirk-Jan Swinkels progresses  in the Lean-world. Like Robert also Judith van Altena offers an OBM Training Light version. She consults companies in the field of Health and Safety.

Eric Vergeer is specialist in stimulating sales with OBM. Also Erik Overdick started th OBM Expert Training, where I coach him in writing a book about OBM in management. 

When you want to achieve cultural change, social science is not enough. Understanding and applying basic behavior analytical knowledge is necessary. I hire only specialists who have gone through the motion and have experienced the value of OBM. By natural learning it often goes well in companies. If you adopt planned change it will be even beter. Every day better, faster and happier.

With OBM performance is specificied, measured, analyzed, before the intervention phase with feedback, goal setting and positive reinforcement This protocol works every time and is based on the rigorous Experimental Analysis of Behavior, founded by Pavlov and B.F. Skinner.

When do you join these successful OBM Trainer/Coaches? Do the OBM Practitioner first to gain experience with applying the OBM Protocol. Then do the OBM Trainer/Coach to teach the material effortless with the help of a slide deck, coaching project and you own flyer. During the exam you will be tested in delivering an OBM awareness session to astonish lay people in the field. For in-company programs contact here. Subscribe for open courses via